“This is worse than blowin’ out a flip flop!”  The trials and tribulations while living aboard Dreamcatcher.  After a beautiful morning motoring from Deshaies (pronounced Days-ay) to Pigeon Island anchorage, we went for a lovely, although very warm walk to check out the small town.  After our warm walk our friends (Craig and Billie) from Flying Loon let us invite ourselves to hangout on their floaties. Yay! Sounds great! Little did we know the trouble that would come our way!
Now try and picture this; the water is 80 degrees and crystal clear, the sun is high in the afternoon sky and we have 4 floating chairs off the back of The Loon. Beautiful! Jake and I learn the “proper” way to hold the float and fall backwards into the water so not to disturb your drink, brilliant! All is well for about 5 minutes and then our lines get tangled. Ugh! Now we need to find a way to have our lines not tangle, but who can we ask for help? While we are brainstorming this terrible dilemma Craig blows out the seat on his float and yells, “This is worse than blowin’ out a flip flop!” Now what to do?? Tangled lines and a broken float! The problems that occur while floating off the back of The Loon are daunting.  What shall we do?