This fine Thursday morning Jake and I swam with dolphins!! Not dolphins in big Plexiglas tanks, or dolphins trained by some handler, wild dolphins! We spotted them while on our morning beach outing with the dogs.  We promptly jumped in the dingy to catch up with them.  We followed the 4 of them until we were close and jumped in the water…. masks on we swam close enough we could hear their high pitch song. 

They came to check us out and played in the water not 20 feet from us. There were 2 juveniles and 2 adults. The juveniles were curious and FAST! They zigged and zagged around us and jumped several times showing off a bit. Mom and Dad hung back and checked us out with a watchful eye.  This was an experience I will not forget and ranks in the top 5 coolest things I’ve done.
For me, the thrill of being so close to the dolphins like this is hard to capture in words. Wanting to reach out and touch to see if they are as soft as I imagine… hearing their song get louder before I could see them as they come closer… knowing that I am being gifted with an experience many will never have… Jake and I stayed still and let them come to us. We did not get to touch them but enjoyed this wonderful experience and hope we will see our new friends again soon.