This may seem like an odd phrase, might catch your attention and make you wonder. The first time I heard someone say it I was at the grocery store and the checker asked the man in front of me how he was. His response “I’m good to die today.” It shocked me and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Over the next few hours I mulled the phrase over in mind this way and that, trying to make sense of his frank answer. It dawned on me the simplicity of what he said; he wasn’t trying to be philosophical, complicated or puzzling. It wasn’t deep, sad or tragic. In fact it was a genuine reflection of the peace he must have felt with his life and himself. He was happy to die today knowing that where he was in life was good, great even. I assume he didn’t die that day or the next and is likely still alive today.
It made me think about myself. Was I “good to die today”? Was I at peace with everything I’m doing and have done?  Are there wrongs I needed to right? People to call? Where did I feel less than ready? My immediate response was, “heck no I’m not ready to die today!” But that response had everything to do with me wanting more TIME to accomplish MORE. Learn more, influence more, give more, do more, travel more, see more, have grandchildren, celebrate anniversaries with my husband… it was all about MORE TIME. When I removed “more time” from the equation I felt at ease. I’m by no means ready to die and I’m sure I could clean up my side of the street a little more, but if something happened I’d be at peace. Each day I want to continue to better myself as a person, say hello to a stranger, open a door, smile, kiss, love and LIVE my best life.
I don’t mean for this to be depressing, in fact quite the opposite. I want to awaken someone like I was and see if they can push to do something today that they’ve been putting off. Something that would make you peaceful if it was your time today. Are you living your best life? Are you happy? Fulfilled? Have you done enough?
So I ask you, are YOU good to die today?