Interviewer: Hello Daisy. I’d like to ask you a few questions. Daisy? Daisy?! 

Daisy: I’m Daisy daisy daisy!!  Good girl Daisy! No Daisy! 

Interviewer: Oh, well, um okay.   What is your favorite part of the day? 

Daisy: When I get to eat!!  I love to eat food! And when my mom and dad throw the magic yellow ball.  I love playing ball.  Maybe that’s my favorite…oh! And riding in the dingy that takes us to go potty… napping is good too, maybe nap time is… Bird! Bird! Woof woof! Did you see the bird?? Did you know I protect the entire ocean from the birds.  The birds are scared of my “woof” and fly away. I also scare off the small boats that zoom by too fast with my “woof”.  I love morning cuddles with Mommy. Did I tell you I loooovvvve my mommy?!? She makes the best food… I love food too. I’m hungry, can we eat?? 

Interviewer: Wow that was a long answer.  Let’s try something else.  Who do you live with?

Daisy: Roscoe my brother but you don’t want to know about him. You can pet me and only me.  I love being cuddled.  My hoomans get to live with me too. They are SO lucky. 

Interviewer: Do you like having guests come stay with you on Dreamcatcher?

Daisy: Yes yes yes! They pet my face and throw the ball.  Guests are the BEST. Woof woof!  They don’t know the rules so I get lots of treats.  Do you have treats? I’d like a treat. I’m hungry.  Did y0u know my name is, Daisy Daisy Daisy!  Good girl Daisy! No Daisy! 

Interviewer: I don’t have any treats, I’m sorry. 

Daisy: Ball? Can you throw my ball? I’ll show you where it is! I love playing ball! 

Interviewer: ummm, sure 

Daisy: Yay!! Come here! Faster!  I’ll show you where it is! Here, see? See it! Plllleeeaaasseeee throw it far! Yay! 


Interviewer: it looks like this interview is over.  Until next time!