Do I have to join in the sailing?

Not if you don’t want to! Captain Jake and Chef Stef are perfectly able to sail Dreamcatcher and they do not expect your help. So relax with a cool drink, a good book, your sunscreen and watch the world sail by.

If you want to help out or learn a few new skills then we will be delighted to involve you in the sailing.  Captain Jake is an excellent teacher!

What is it like living on Dreamcather?

She is very comfortable to live aboard! There is a spacious saloon and 3 guest bedrooms (cabins) each with a private ensuite. Captain Jake and Chef Stef have their own quarters, separated from guests. Dreamcatcher has a well equipped kitchen (galley) where Chef Stef will create mouth watering meals. When “living aboard”, most of your time is spent on deck, trampoline or in the water, basically outdoors. Most meals will be served in the shady cockpit at the back of the boat. You’ll go to the front deck to lie in the trampoline of you want time in the sun.

What do we do all day?

Every morning you’ll wake up in a new anchorage.  Chef Stef will serve a full breakfast with fresh fruits, coffee or tea in the cockpit. You might want to take a morning swim or you may prefer to relax with your book or work on that tan.

By mid-morning Dreamcatcher will set sail and find an idyllic anchorage for lunch. You can dive off the boat, swim, snorkel  or maybe dive the reef.  Chef Stef will prepare and serve a delicious lunch.

An afternoon sail will take you to the evening’s destination. There may be time before dinner to go ashore, for sightseeing or a drink at the beach bar. Meal times will depend upon cruising schedules and the wishes of all on board. Dinner on the aft deck is usually the highlight of the day – a leisurely meal sitting under the stars listening to the water lapping at the hull.

After all the activity and fresh air, you’ll easily fall asleep in your cabin rocked by the gentle motion of Dreamcatcher.

What should I pack?

Keep your packing light and pack everything in a soft, foldable duffel bag that is easier to stow away.  You’ll spend your days in shorts, swimsuits, and t-shirts. 

The standard aboard Dreamcatcher is to not wear shoes. Sandals or shoes are fine for ashore. Bring sunglasses, a baseball cap or a hat with a broad brim to shade your face. And don’t forget your camera!

All your towels, bedding and reef friendly toiletries and sunscreen are provided. Dreamcatcher is fully equipped with safety equipment so you don’t need any “sailing gear”.

Will there be other people on the boat?
No, when you book it is yours for the duration of the trip, so it will be you and your family/friends plus the crew.

How much will the additional charges on a yacht charter be? 

Taxis, on shore adventures or day trips as well as gratuities are not included in the charter price.

What will the weather be like? 

The weather is normally beautiful! Mid to high 80’s durning the day and high 70’s to low 80’s at night.  There is often a light breeze to keep everyone cool.  When it rains it tends to be short bursts lasting 5-10 minutes.  


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